Bora Bora Offline map Travel Guide App Reviews

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I want my money back!

This is one of the worst apps I've ever spent my money on there is no detail it's brief and boring and gave me no information on any restaurants places to go how to get around, travel tips, etc. Didn't have any reviews so I took a gamble. The "about" Bora Bora was only a page and a half of useless info. Don't waste your money and I am trying to figure out how I can get mine back! Help!!

Don't waste your money!

This is the worst app ever. No useful information at all. Got better info on Tripadvisor for free.

Don't Buy It

Complete waste of money. Very little useful information.

The worst app I ever used.

It takes so long to load, can not use the google maps at all, it takes ages to respond and finally the content is not very useful.

Good but could be better if...

Navigation is simple and easy. Pics are beautiful but need to be touchscreen flippable. The layout look could use a serious makeover with some smoother visual aspects and aesthetics of the app but functionality is 100% awesome.

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